My First Month at NYU Sydney
March 20, 2013

This semester, I am studying away in Sydney, Australia, one of NYU’s newest sites. Roughly 40 students, sophomores, juniors, and seniors are spending their semester in Sydney.  We arrived in early February and started orientation the day we arrived.

© Tyler Becker
© Tyler Becker

Orientation lasted a week, which was incredible.  It was similar to coming to NYU as a first-year student.  Meeting new people, exploring an entirely different environment, and living away from home, both at NYU and our hometowns.  We started orientation week with a barbeque in our residence hall, mingling with students and getting to know each other. The next few days were spent walking around, exploring the city, taking a harbor cruise near the famous Sydney Opera House, camping on an island, meeting Aboriginal people, and walking along the beach. We also met our professors, learned about work and volunteer opportunities, and just relaxed as we prepared for our first week of class.

The courses I’m taking here are fulfilling some of my non-major requirements.  It worked out really well because I was able to choose classes I was interested in, and still stay on track with my Tisch Center degree.  The courses I’m taking are Global Media, Creative Writing, Anthropology of Art, and Australian Sociology.  Most classes are pretty intimate, with about 15-20 students in them, some fewer, some more.  Our academic building is about 30 minutes from the residence hall, but in this amazing weather, it’s really enjoyable to be outside. The building is also a short walk to Circular Quay, which is where the Opera House and Botanical Gardens are located. A great area to walk around, shop, go for a run, or sit and relax.

Sydney Basketball
© Tyler Becker

Sydney has definitely offered a different perspective on the sports industry too. Within my first month here, I’ve spent a weekend surfing, attended an Australian professional Basketball game, played a round of golf, watched cricket on television, and talked to locals about their favorite sports. Watching, listening, and experiencing this completely new side of the industry is fascinating, and I’m excited to bring back some Sydney sports culture back with me to New York.

Situated a short walk from our building are a couple of parks, which have hosted some really interesting festivals. The latest one I checked out was the Sydney Wine Festival, where over a hundred wineries came to showcase their best product.  I also went to a Chinese New Year festival and parade. Tons of people lined up and down the streets to watch the parade, and the festival had some amazing food and spectacular performances. It was a blast.

Wine Festival
© Tyler Becker

Overall, Sydney has been a terrific experience. I’m really enjoying my time here, the classes, and the city. Of course, I miss friends, family, and New York, but it’s nice to step away from everything, and experience my junior year from all the way across the world. If you have any questions about Sydney or studying away, or perhaps have some tips for Sydney, let me know!