Student Experience: Britt Hijkoop, Intern at NYC & Company
September 18, 2013

The following post was written by Tisch Center senior and social media assistant Britt Hijkoop. Britt will graduate in May 2014 with a B.S. in Hotel and Tourism Management, with a concentration in Tourism Development.

To ensure all students are prepared to enter the workforce in their industry of choice, the Tisch Center requires undergraduate students to intern during their time at NYU. Many students complete internships over the course of one semester. In my case, it lasted quite a bit longer – last month, I completed an internship that I started in October 2012. At NYC & Company, New York City’s official tourism, marketing and partnership organization, I interned in the Communications and Government Affairs office, primarily working in travel tourism public relations and later, government affairs and 2013 mayoral candidate engagement.

NYC & Company/Jen Davis
NYC & Company/Jen Davis

NYC & Company is responsible for promoting New York City to both domestic and international markets, through public relations, city-to-city partnerships and marketing programs such as New York City Restaurant Week, to name but a few. Of course, New York City receives millions of visitors – 52 million in 2012, to be exact – throughout the year, which made this internship an incredible experience for someone who wants to work in tourism development and destination marketing, as I do. It is NYC & Company’s job to make sure that these visitors are experiencing all that the City has to offer, beyond typical tourist enclaves such as Times Square. I now proudly consider myself to be quite a New York City expert – my southern roommate from this summer can attest to this: I created  many itineraries for her to enjoy the City in her short time here!

I cannot say enough good things about my internship at NYC & Company; looking back to last fall, I cannot believe how much I have learned about the tourism industry, destination marketing, public relations, New York City government, etc, etc, etc! Working at NYC & Company gave me great insight into what I hope to achieve in the future, and shaped the direction in which my career is heading. I highly encourage my peers to seek out internships with this amazing organization – check out the website to learn more about what they do.

NYC & Company/Julienne Schaer
One of the hidden gems NYC & Company promotes: Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx – I would never have expected to see this in New York City!

I would not have applied for this internship had it not been for the Tisch Center’s helpful career development team. Several times a month, Amanda Gallocher (see Amanda Gallocher’s post on The Informational Interview here!) sends email updates listing available internships – in this case, she included the internship at NYC & Company, which ultimately led to me getting the position.  I had some prior knowledge about the company, as the 2012 Tisch Center Grossinger Distinguished Lecturer Series in Tourism Management featured a number of NYC & Company executives – watch the video via this link. This lecture truly sparked my interest in the importance of New York City’s tourism industry and inspired me to intern for NYC & Company.

NYC & Company/Jen Davis
NYC & Company: An Insider’s Look at What Makes a Hospitality and Tourism Best-in-Class Destination Leader – February 2012

The Tisch Center provides its students with resources that lead to their success as well-connected and experienced professionals, as long as students seize the opportunities – I find this to be unbeatable.