Cuba Trip Update: Lunch with University of Havana students
March 17, 2015

IMG_4734Last night we got to enjoy a meal with the students of the University of Havana. It was a wonderful experience getting to communicate and make friends with students just like ourselves. It id amazing how çeducation can break barriers that have isolated Cuba for over 50 years. THe students English was marvelous, and it was afascinating to hear many had never left the nation. When we inquired about places they would like to visit, Europe and America were popular, although many never wanted to live elsewhere. It was also interesting to learn they have options for career paths during their fifth and final year at a university and are guaranteed a job in that field.

We also got to experience the canonazo, a canon firing that commemorates the ceremonies which occured during the 18th Century. This reenactment takes place in the Morro Castrle, overlooking Habana Vieja. Our friend, Perla, was shocked and felt a great sentiment towards the event as it showcases Cuban pride. The castle was reopened as a tourist attraction which gives insigh to Cuban history.