Cuba Trip Update: First day in Varadero
March 18, 2015

DSC_0559Arriving in Varadero today, we get to see how different Varadero and Havana are. While Havana seems to be a city with preserved history and distinct culture, Varadero is so developed with a total of 27 resorts and many more in progress. Not expecting the modernity of this city, I was truly shocked by the similarity of Varadero to Cancun and Dominican Republic and etc. While many of our members went swimming, I went biking with two others. It was intriguing to see the beautiful see shores and nature that have been this well preserved. And more interestingly, the city is so developed to a point that I can’t imagine it has been alienated for more than 50 years. Varadero is full of tourists from all nations, especially with the huge amount of tourists from Canada and other European countries. However, as most of the hotels here are chain hotels with Spanish brands, there’s surprisingly not that many Spanish tourists. According to the fstatistics from Hotel Sol Palmers, which is the one where we are staying, Spanish tourists only amount to 1.7 percent. In general, it has been a fascinating day for me to explore and experience.