Cuba Trip Update: Dupont Mansion Varadero
March 20, 2015

DSC_0703After spending the day at the resort in Varadero yesterday, I thought I knew how the area is structured: one large resort complex after another. However, today we had the unique chance of visiting the Dupont Mansion, which turned out to be an extreme contrast to Sol Palmeras and the rest of the resorts in the area. The mansion was built by Dupont between 1928 and 1930. He was of French and American origin and one of the first settlers who saw potential in Varadero after discovering the picturesque beaches and views the area has to offer.

Today, the mansion offers eight rooms and immediately evokes an exclusive feeling. Right upon entering the mansion, wooden ceilings and marble floors are visible and the architectural excellency becomes clear. The ocean view wowed me. When the mansion was built, Dupont was able to capture Varaderos magnificent features, which attract a large amount of visitors. Guests at the mansion enjoy dinner, breakfast and a golf course for a price of 240 dollars. The combination of the property being small, the historic value and the golf course create an ideal and unique guest experience. The mansion as an accommodation opportunity stands out as its exclusivity contrasts drastically from the various bit property resorts in Varadero. Various celebrities have stayed at the Dupont mansion, including Jaquelin Kennedy.