Cuba Trip Update: Riu hotel
March 24, 2015

IMG_4791After visiting Iberostar, we went to the Riu hotel in Varadero. Also, a five star hotel, I was fascinated at the difference in style and ambience of the two properties. Riu was more simple with neutral colors and simple, modern designs. There were no Caribbean flare of colors or elaborate designs. The sales manager was able to give us a tour of the property, and it reminded me a lot of Arizona. The landscape seemed very bland in color the grass seemed to be unkempt and dying. The crowd at Riu also seemed different from Iberostar. IMG_4766There were more families and ethnicities from the Southeast Asian and Middle east area. As the largest hotel in Varadero and the second largest hotel in Cuba with almost 1110 rooms, the hotel services approximately 2800 people each day. The sales manager also informed us that a new management group will be taking over the property in April, and the Spanish group would no longer have a presence in Varadero.