Cuba Trip Update: Farewell dinner
March 24, 2015

IMG_4613Our farewell dinner in Cuba was at an outdoor restaurant called La Barraca in Hotel Nacional facing the Havana Malecon. It seemed surreal that our trip was finally coming to an end, and we were able to share our final Cuban dinner with live Cuban music. I will miss having two drink options, family-style Cuban food dinner, and dessert to finish off each meal. Dessert at La Baracca was different because instead of ice cream or flan, we were served a sugared pineapple mixture with a slice of cheese. My most favorite part of the trip was to experience to food culture in Cuba. As an individual who will eat and try everything (except bugs and exotic animals), I enjoyed the foods and flavors of each restaurant and buffet option we had. Although it was a different palette to familiarize with, in contrast with New York where we can easily have diverse food options, it was definitely a cultural immersion to appreciate during our stay in Cuba. During dinner, we all shared out “wow” moments and suggestions, comments, and recommendations for future trips. Although I am a senior, I hope this study tour opportunity continues for the following classes because everything we learned and applied here would not have been the same even if we stayed at the diverse neighborhoods surrounding NYU in Washington Square.