Cuba Trip Update: Trip to Cienfuegos
March 24, 2015

Hotel Rancho Luna is the best beach resort in Cienfuegos, and the second best hotel in the city. For being built in the early 1980s, the property and its 234 rooms are in fairly good condition. DSC_1378The hotel is an all inclusive resort with 3 bars, one of those being 24 hours, a restaurant buffet, swimming pool, gaming room, and beach facilities on the property grounds. Though there are no WiFi services, the hotel has computers for guests to access the internet. The night we stayed at Hotel Rancho Luna, they were offering a beach disco under one of the hotel pavilion huts, however no other recreational activities were promoted to us. Though Hotel Rancho Luna was the second best hotel in Cienfuegos, it is not on the top of the list of places that we have stayed during this trip. We were a little apprehensive of things when walking in and seeing dead cockroaches surrounding the pool, but thankfully, the rooms were cockroach free, and very clean. The buffet wasn’t visually appetizing, but the food tasted much better than it looked. It was nice to be able to compare this Cienfuegos all inclusive to that of the the Sol Palmeras Varadero.