Cuba Trip Update: Sol Palmeras
March 24, 2015

Staying at an all inclusive resort is a very distinct experience. The demographic includes many mature couples and families, which may be a result of the economical nature of such stays. For many of us this was our first time staying in an all inclusive resort. After visiting Havana, the trip to Varadero felt like we left Cuba altogether. The juxtaposition between these two destinations was heightened by the people we encountered at both. In Havana, we were immersed in the culture and lifestyle of Cuban citizens and tourists alike.

Staying at Sol Palmeras, we were surrounded by tourists. It was the perfect depiction of a sun, sand, and sea destination, which, short of the crystal clear waters, could be easily duplicated elsewhere. Many individuals I spoke with were there for a week, and were planning on heading home without ever visiting any other city in Cuba, missing out on the true beauty in Cuba. The resort seemed to have it all, but was missing Cuban flare. As it is now winter in Cuba, it influenced the demographic of those who visited the resort; therefore, there was a lack of Cuban travelers. Our Sol Palmeras revealed to me  millennials, including myself and my classmates, are not interested in all inclusives, but unique experiences.