Cuba Trip Update: Trinidad presentations
March 24, 2015

Arriving in Trinidad we were welcomed into Julio Munez’s casa for a night’s stay and our research presentations. It was intriguing and welcoming to see how Julio rearranged all furniture and managed to set up a projector just for us. Shortly after, the room was flooded with many locals including entrepreneurs running casas particulares and paladares. It was nerve racking, but rewarding to have an opportunity to share our thoughts with the attentive audience on how to prepare for American travelers. Although the experience will be cherished, the biggest drawback was the lack of relevant information. It was difficult to adjust our presentations as we learned more about the local businesses that we couldn’t find in our prior research, but it was one we managed to overcome. It was extremely rewarding¬†to know our research may be utilized by many influencers in the community to ensure all tourists get to see the beauty in Cuba that we experienced.