Memories of a Week in Prague
June 2, 2016

The following Prague series was written by students enrolled in SPS Summer 2016 Study Away Programs- Prague and/or London: a one-week intensive course taking place in Prague and/or London over the early months of Summer break. While abroad, undergraduates can enroll in either Leadership for Crisis Situations (Prague), Special Interest Tourism (Prague), Emerging Issues in Hospitality & Tourism (London), or Sports Tourism & Mega Events (London). Graduate students can enroll in Destination Analysis (Prague), Leadership & Organizational Behavior (Prague), Emerging Issues in International Tourism (London), or Sports Tourism Development (London). To share their experiences with their classmates, the Professors abroad asked that the students capture their abroad experiences through pictures and words for the Tisch Center Blog.
The following post was written by Nadalis Ramirez & Niki Iwasaki.

During the second day in Prague, known as the city of a hundred spires, the SPS/Tisch Center students explored the amazing Old Town area while learning about the protests that occurred in the Old Town Square during the Velvet Revolution.

SPS/Tisch Center Prague team gathering in the middle of Old Town for a quick group picture before heading over to the Charles Bridge

After spending time walking the Old Town Square, the SPS students walked over the historic gothic bridge, Charles Bridge, who was constructed by architect Petr Parléř during the rule of King Charles IV. Peter Parléř also worked on the Prague Castle, which was the one of the other sights that the students visited after having an amazing lunch in Mala Strana. 

SPS Prague team before walking over the Charles Bridge
SPS/Tisch Center team sharing peace and good vibes by the John Lennon wall

Additionally, the SPS took some time to appreciate the infamous John Lennon wall, which stands a memorial to the musician and peace. The wall was been used as a creative space for the youth of Prague to express their political views was used by the youth in Prague to express their political views. Although it has been repainted several times, the images of Lennon and the messages of peace have continued to reappear. 

We are SPS!








Here are some additional interesting places that we discovered today.


The Czech native, David Cerny’s sculpture. His work is interesting and known to be controversial by many. Today we visited two of Cerny’s sculptures while exploring Old Town:

  1. A giant moving Statue of Franz Kafka. It rotates constantly.Prague6
  2. Three giant babies that are displayed at the entrance of Museum Kampa.Prague7


Mozart Historic Apartment in Old Town
View from Charles Bridge







In Mala Strana. Here in Prague, the tourists have the option to take a tour with these fancy old fashioned cars. Prague10

Thank you for reading! Nadalis & Niki