Study Abroad
Summer 2019 Study Away Programs
February 11, 2019

Whether you’re looking to experience a new culture, deepen your knowledge of a particular area or escape hectic New York City, the Tisch Center summer intensive courses offer students an immersive experience outside the stresses of a normal semester. 
This summer, discover how Europe’s old world charm meets modern cosmopolitan life by visiting two of Europe’s most complex and historically significant cities, Prague and Berlin. Each course will carry 3 credits and can be combined for 6 credits total if a student chooses. The courses will be open to undergraduate upperclassmen and graduate students. Accommodation will be provided by the NYU housing facilities. 
Prague and Berlin are consistently ranked as two of the best destinations in Europe, in part due to their crucial histories, rich cultural heritage, and affordability when compared to other top European destinations. Each city offers a long list of attractions to tourists with different interests, including:

  • Historical sites (e.g. Prague Castle, Reichstag Building)
  • Religious sites (e.g. Church of Our Lady before Týn, Berlin Cathedral Church)
  • Landmarks (e.g. Charles Bridge, Brandenburg Gate)
  • The arts (e.g. Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, Jewish Museum in Prague, Neues Museum, Pergamon Museum) 
  • Culturally significant neighborhoods (e.g. Prague’s Old Town,  Kreuzberg)
  • Culinary highlights (e.g. Bramboráčky – potato pancakes, Currywurst)

For more information about the programs, and how to enroll, please contact Amanda Cordero:  Please note that visiting students will unfortunately not be able to participate in this program.