Visiting Professor Spotlight: Jerome Barthelemy
February 16, 2019

The following interview was conducted by Tisch Center student worker, Haley Park.

What has been your career journey up until now?

I received my Ph.D. in Strategic Management from HEC in Paris. I have served as visiting research scholar at several schools including Stanford University, University of Cambridge and UC Berkeley. For the last 15 years, I have been working at ESSEC Business School as a Professor of Strategic Management.

What are your research interests?

These days a lot of my work focuses on management consultants. The key question of my research is: is it worth it for companies to pay for outside consultants? Management consultants have a very strong impact in some countries but not much in other countries. The question is why. My work compares different countries’ management consulting expenditures and looks at the differences as to why some countries choose to allocate funds towards hiring consultants. It really comes down to the economy of the country and its culture. I have published my work in both academic journals and in the Harvard Business Review.  

What are your objectives here at NYU?

For me, the main objective is being able to focus on my research. Whereas back at home I teach a lot, when I come to the U.S., I can really dedicate my time to research. I would also like to start research collaborations with colleagues here at NYU.

How do you think this experience as a visiting professor will further impact your teaching?

I have been a visiting professor before at other schools. However when I come to the U.S., I am always pleased to be here given that I really appreciate the U.S.’s approach to research and teaching. In addition, since I have experienced both the East and West coast, I can say that the two atmospheres are distinctly unique. New York City has a lot of history in its culture and there is a lot of European flavor which I appreciate.