Graduate Student and Scholarship Winner Spotlight: Anna Montgomery
April 12, 2019

The following interview was conducted by Tisch Center student worker, Haley Park.

What is your background?

I worked in financial services for close to 20 years and was originally in mergers and acquisitions in a bank in London and then moved into principal investments, which is essentially working with investments of money for institutional investors and companies. I moved to New York close to 10 years ago and started my own company in the same field, financial consulting, working as a consultant to the same business that I worked at in London. Although I don’t have any formal background in the hotel industry, I became attracted to the business.

What made you decide that you wanted to study at the Tisch Center and pursue a career in this industry?

I was attracted to the hospitality industry given that it’s a very dynamic industry and has a large presence in New York and around the globe. I am still trying to figure out exactly what area of the business I want to get into and it’s been a self-discovery process while doing so.

How have you grown as a professional during the Tisch Center?

As I mentioned, I don’t have a definitive path yet ahead of me, however the Tisch program’s strong network has been very helpful. I have been able to connect with industry professionals through Fireside Chats and events.

What are your future ambitions?

My long term plan, when my kids are grown up, I envision having my own business, whether it’s a bed and breakfast or some other hotel business. As of my short term plan, I am still in the process of figuring it out as we speak. I came into the program with a clear idea that I wanted to continue in finance, however that idea is changing a bit now. Through the Tisch program, I hope to gain better insight of the hospitality industry and how its evolving.

As a scholarship winner, how has the scholarship helped you?

The scholarship has definitely allowed me to take the program at the pace that is convenient for me as I am participating in the Tisch program part-time. When you have financial support, it allows you to focus much more on the content of the coursework rather than the finances that come with it. I have taken a lot more enjoyment out of the program, allowing myself to dive deeper into my classes.