Spring 2019 Graduate Capstones
May 10, 2019

Capstone presentation season continues! In the MS Hospitality Industry Studies and the MS Tourism Management, graduate students typically end their degree with the Advanced Research Seminar course: in this course, they work on research projects set by industry clients, in groups mentored by a faculty member.

This spring semester, 16 students presented in three groups. The first group, mentored by Professor Desjardins, examined how adventure travel operators can build anticipation for trips between the moment of booking and the departure date. This is a time when tour operators need to collect personal data and share information with travelers, however it can be hard to maintain their engagement when the trip is still a long time away. The research team proposed communication methods and frequencies to maximize excitement and anticipation.

The second group, mentored by Professor Abelson, worked with Design Hotels to create a framework for creating immersive hotel experiences. The framework incorporates elements of entertainment, education, aesthetics and escapism, culminating in a commitment to guest engagement. Engagement can take place via a range of avenues: design, amenities, staff interactions and social media. Engagement results in a tailored experience for each guest.

The third group, mentored by professor Desjardins, researched the issue of hotel security, specifically focusing on the perspective of female traveler. They examined to which extent hotel security is a consideration in travel decisions, and which types of security measures guests feel comfortable with. Millennial women are most likely to be willing to pay extra for hotel security. Guests are most comfortable with security cameras and identification badges for staff, they are less comfortable with the presence of armed guards and metal detectors.

Congratulations to all of our students and thank you to our faculty mentors and industry partners!



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