Christopher Gaffney


Christopher Gaffney
Clinical Associate Professor

Education & Career Path:

I received a BA in History/Philosophy from Trinity University (TX) where I was also a 3 year captain of the soccer team. I then received a M.Sc from UMass-Amherst in Geosciences, PHD in Geography from the University of Texas. I have taught at eight different universities, lived in Taiwan, Argentina, Brazil, Switzerland as well as Puerto Rico and seven US states. I am very much a nomad with a monstrous travel bug constantly nibbling at me.

Role in Tisch Center:

I am a Clinical Associate Professor and will be working with Dr. Minnaert as we launch the Masters in Event Management in the Fall of 2019. I am teaching Research Methods and Sport Tourism courses this year.

Fun Fact:

In the Spring of 2018 I was leading Team Rubicon's long term disaster recovery program in Puerto Rico as the island continued to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Maria. I also have a very heavy trophy in my office from when I played soccer in Taiwan. I have also appeared in more than a dozen films!