Jing Yang




Jing Yang

Clinical Assistant Professor

Education & Career Path:

  • PhD in Hospitality Administration
  • 10 years teaching experience with a focus on hospitality financial management at both undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • advised and graduated over 100 undergraduate students
  • mentored dissertations/theses as well as over 20 research projects
  • published/presented 30 scholarship works at top tier journals and international/national conferences
  • led/co-led over $120,000 funded grants/contracts
  • event planning manager/marketing specialist for Chinese Ministry of Civil Affair Adoption Division

Role in Tisch Center:

  • Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Academic advisor

Fun Facts: 

  • Speaks mandarin and English
  • Rice noodle/ramen/pasta lover. Anything noodle!
  • Caffeine sensitive (decaf only after noon)
  • Collect eye drops
  • Enjoy cooking/dessert and ice wine
  • In search for a St. Bernard puppy