Joanne Algranati



Joanne Algranati
Academic Advisor

Education & Career Path:

I hold a BA in History and English Literature from the University of London and an M.Ed. in International Relations from Oklahoma State University. Prior to joining the Tisch Center in January 2015, I worked for Middlesex County College in New Jersey, where I managed academic programs for New Jersey Scholars program (students who graduated in the top 15% of their high school class). My background in higher education has been primarily with undergraduate and graduate business programs and I have worked previously for Sotheby's, The Chapman Graduate School of Business at Florida International University and Florida Atlantic University.

Role in Tisch Center:

I serve primarily as an advisor in the department, ensuring student academic progress towards graduation.

Fun Fact:

I am interested in antiquities (my first position was with the Victoria and Albert Museum). I am also an avid cat lover and I enjoy vintage films and television programs.