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Investment Management


Sean Hennessey
Clinical Assistant Professor

Publications & Research

  • Tailoring Social tourism Participation for Women who have experienced Domestic Violence, ISTO (2013).
  • Making the Olympics work: interpreting diversity and inclusivity in employment and skills development pre-London 2012, Contemporary Social Science (2013).
  • Schanzel H., Yeoman I. & Backer E., Family Tourism: Multidisciplinary Perspectives, The value of social tourism for disadv. families (2012).
  • Sage, London, 'Tourism Management: An Introduction' (2012).
  • Social Tourism as Opportunity for Unplanned Learning and Behavior Change, Journal of Travel Research (2012).
  • Channel View, Bristol, Social tourism in Europe: Theory and Practice (2011).
  • Special Issue on Social Tourism, Current Issues in Tourism, What is social tourism? (2011).
  • An Olympic legacy for all? The non-infrastructural outcomes of the Olympic Games for socially excluded groups (Atlanta 1996?Beijing 2008), Tourism Management (2011).
  • S. Cole & N. Morgan, Tourism and Inequality, Social tourism for low-income groups (2010).
  • Tourism and social policy ? The value of social tourism, Annals of Tourism Research (2009).
  • Celuch C. & Davidson R., Advances in Business Tourism Research, Corporate hospitality in an economic downturn (2009).
  • Holidays are for Everyone. Research into the Effects and the Importance of Holidays for People living in Poverty, Tourism Flanders (2008).

Awards & Honors

Faculty Researcher of the Year (University of Surrey, 2013)
Social Tourism Research Award (Family Holiday Association, 2012)

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